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  1. Beautification of our village’s square.
  2. Renovation of the Church of Saints Constantinos and Eleni by the Holy Bishopric of Kykkos-Tylliria.
  3. Expansion of the cemetery.
  4. Deepening of the fishing reserve, construction of a dock and a boat-yard.
  5. Free student transport to our schools.
  6. Bus transfer of local residents and holidaymakers to and from Nicosia at a cost of €1,50.
  7. Opening of the Pyrgos – Limnitis roadblock.
  8. Wave Breakers.
  9. Construction of Community Buildings.
  10. Construction of a Multiple-Usage Hall.
  11. Change or expansion of the urban development zones.
  12. Reconstruction of the bridge leading to the Pyrgos roadblock.
  13. Creation of a Beachside Community Park.
  14. Creation of a Beachside Community Park. 
  15. Gentrification of the Agricultural Health Centre which was built in 1957.