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The construction of mini football pitches, the idea for which originated a few years ago from our spiritual leader, Metropolitan Bishop of Kykkos and Tylliria, Nikiforos, is a big project aiming at giving the youngsters of Tylliria and the primary school children the opportunity to exercise.

The community Council has decided to concede this land, always in cooperation with our Bishop and the Ministry of Education and Culture, while the Cyprus Sports Organisation has also been informed. All legal procedures were followed and the project was completed and opened its doors to our Youth so that they can exercise and become involved in football.  

Our community, our spiritual leader, the Ministry of Education and the COOP of Pomos –Tyllirias give great emphasis on the Youth and children.

Tylliria is greaful to our Bishop. In his honour, the Community Council of Kato Pyrgos decided, during a meeting on December 6, 2010, that the mini football pitches will be named “Tylliria Nikiforio Sports Centre”.  

We hope that God will give our Bishop a long healthy life so that he can continue his religious work. Also, we would like to thank everybody who contributed to the completion of this project.