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Lefkosia - Kato Pyrgos

Nicosia – Morfou – Kato Pyrgos 

Starting your journey from the centre of Nicosia, head towards the Agios Pavlos roadblock (access point to the occupied areas) and enter the Kermia area. Next, drive towards Kioneliand you will reach the highway leading from Nicosia to Morfou.  Head towards Morfou, drive past the exits to Gerolakkos, Agios Vasileios, Skylloura, Filia, Katokopia, Kyra and you will arrive in Morfou. From there on, take the road to Pentayia. Drive by the exit to Nikita, cross Prasteio (Morfou), Kazivera, Pentayia, Karavostasi and you will reach the River of Kampos. Head uphill towards Loutro and Xerovouno and immediately afterwards drive downhill towards the community of Limnitis. Cross Limnitis and you will be led to the beautiful community of Kato Pyrgos within approximately 10 minutes. 

This route lasts almost 1 hour and is marked on the map in yellow colour.   

Nicosia – Orkontas – Kato Pyrgos

If you are located in the centre of Nicosia, drive towards the Parissinos area to enter the motorway leading from Nicosia to Astromeritis and Troodos. Drive consecutively past the exits to Kokkinotrimithia, Mammari and Deneia. Cross Akaki, Peristerona and you will reach Astromeritis. From there on head towards the road leading to Troodos. Drive past the exits to Potami, Vyzakia, Nikitari and Koutrafas. Once you have reached the area of Atsas, turn right to enter the road to Linou, Orkontas and Kykkos. Drive past the exits to Linou, Katydata and Flasou. Next, enter the Marathasa Valley. Continue driving straight towards the area of Xerakkas. From there, turn right to Kampos. Drive along an exquisite one-hour-long route through wild vegetation and forestry pine-covered area which will lead you to the beautiful community of Kato Pyrgos.  

This route lasts approximately 2 hours and is marked on the map in green colour.