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Prophet Elias

A small single-roomed chapel which is located approximately 1 km northwest of the Community of Pano Pyrgos Tyllirias (Holy Bishopric of Kykkos and Tylliria), within the boundaries of the Nicosia District of Cyprus. 

The chapel was reconstructed in 1917 above the ruins of an ancient medieval church in at least two stages. Its external dimensions are 6,35 Χ 11,70 metres. The eastern side of the church ends with a five-sided arch. The construction material used included rectangular reused sandstones which were taken from the nearby archaeological site of “Avli”. The site possibly hosted the medieval rural mansion of the local Frank feudal lord. The church has a gabled roof with tiles which is supported by two light ogive arches and two posts on the northern and southern walls. Two doors in the middle of the west and south walls respectively lead to the inside of the church. A window is located on the north wall and a small narrow opening in the middle of the holy bema arch. A relief cross which had probably been used elsewhere before is built in the internal pediment of the western wall.       

Finally, it must be mentioned that access to the chapel is easy. 


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* This text was prepared by the Museum of the Holly Bishopric of Kykkos - Tylliria.